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The Scandi home decor vibe is as strong as ever. It’s all about simplicity, with a focus on nature and light. Plenty of neutral earthy tones, calming organic shapes, all the greys and pops of blue (the Scandi favourite accent colour) with a fundamental base of my second favourite colour, cleansing, calming white. Minimalism at its best. My husband would read this and scratch his chin at my enthusiasm for minimalism; I am not the best with clutter… but that’s what cupboards are for right? The Scandi way is to strip back on accessories. I for one feel wonderfully clear minded when my home is de-cluttered, so I do try!


  • Paint like there’s no tomorrow. Give that cream wall a good lick of paint. Embrace a pure white or grey wall. ‘But won’t grey make the room feel cold?’ – it’s not always the case, you just need a ‘warm’ grey. Try Farrow and Ball’s stoney coloured Skimming Stone or the truer grey, Elephant’s Breathe. If it’s furniture you’re wanting to paint go for the celebrated ‘Paris Grey’ by Annie Sloan.
  • Lose the carpet? Now I am a fan of a good carpet to sink my toes into, but the Scandi way is to strip things right back when it comes to flooring, literally. Consider instead a white washed or grey painted wooden floor or an earthy tone light wood. You’re allowed a rug don’t worry – a cosy warm sheepskin perhaps. I personally LOVE the wooden floor look, another way of bringing the outdoors in (see below).
  • Cladding. I seem to comment on any cladding I see, I really love the look. Nothing pleases me more than a cladded wall in a bathroom or a tongue and groove backdrop to a bookshelf. My very favourite way of adding texture to a room (or indeed the exterior of a house).
  • Bring the outside, indoors. There is nothing better than a morning spent basking in the sunshine, with a coffee, outside in the garden. Scandinavians are big on feeling a connection with the great outdoors and love to create outdoor ‘rooms’, often using decking, to wile away the day outside. I’ve lived in small pokey homes in the past where swinging the doors open to the outside seating area adds no end of pleasure to my enjoyment of the house. It’s something I will always consider when moving; is there space to create an outdoor room?


There are many, many I could list here, so here are my top picks:

I have mentioned Nordic House before, a lovely online shop selling beautiful Scandinavian home accessories. Founded by Sandie and Alan in Cornwall, their style is pure Scandinavian inspired sophistication and I am always dipping in and out of their site browsing their products.

Pioneers of the ‘hygge way of life’ they believe that “the importance of your surroundings in terms of quality of life, cannot be underestimated.” They spend a lot of time travelling around Scandinavia sourcing niche companies (often family owned) to try and bring something different. Take a lot!

Image credit: Nordic House via

How could I not mention Neptune – my ultimate destination for home inspo. Whilst not purely Scandi style, they have many pieces that please my interior tastes. One day I will get my Neptune kitchen á la below… (my husband loves to be reminded).

And for some furniture inspiration – The White Lighthouse  – check out their lovely pieces below, lots of white and plenty of organic materials…reasonably priced too. Notice the wall cladding backdrop to every photo…swoon.

Fancy some more inspiration? Take a look at my Nordic Inspiration Pinterest board.

Photo credits: Home on the Blue, The White Lighthouse and Nordic House.



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  1. Heidi
    June 4, 2017 / 11:51 am

    You are so, so good at this! Love Home on the Blue so much x

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