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I am loving everyone’s #20factsaboutme on Instagram at the moment, and I’ve had a few tags from people asking me to do one – the last time I did something like this was on BEBO (r.i.p) in 1999, but here goes…

1. I have a phobia of balloons – the worst are the ones on sticks that kids wave around in town.
2. I have a cat called Ralph who in winter leaves dreadlocks around the house unless I brush him.
3. I love to sing, loudly. I’ve always secretly considered ‘the moment’ my husband fell in love with me to be when I danced and sang a rendition of The Little Mermaid’s ‘Part of your World’ to him in our hotel room in the Canary Islands. You want thing-a-me-bobs, I got twenty!
4. I put chilli on everything. Not cereal, I don’t like cereal.
5. I wear navy blue alllll the time.
6. My darling mum hasn’t been very well since I was a child and is now in a care home and only 59. She’s the strongest and most brilliant person I know and I love her to the ends of the earth. I work part-time so I can see her and I don’t talk about it enough, so thought I would put it on here.
7. I was Head Girl at my prep school but by the time I got to sixth form in secondary school I wasn’t even made a prefect #naughty
8. My dad is a cool dude and we have exactly the same sense of humour. It makes me happy when he’s happy.
9. I make jewellery (@navybayjewellery) and have to do yoga stretches in between pieces or my neck hurts looking down all the time.
10. My sister and I are best buds, no one is as funny as she is. We call each other Mitch.
11. My husband’s family are epic. I am very lucky.
12. I go to @myhomesense most weeks for therapy.
13. I lived in SW London for 8 years but moved out to Kent in 2014. I spent a lot of those 8 years drinking prosecco and enjoying kitchen discos.
14. My husband Alistair (Ali) is tall, dark and bonkers and is obsessed with ships.

15. I’ve picked up some funny nicknames over the years – Paddle, Stads, Beer, Beav, Gnome, Mitch, Owen and Skippo. Don’t ask…!

16. I grew up close to Poole in Dorset and hope to move back sometime. 

17. My favourite place on earth is the British Virgin Islands; I was lucky enough to sail around them in 2010. I’ve told a few people I went to Necker Island, but I didn’t actually walk on it, I was merely splashed by its spray.

18. My favourite food is pizza covered in watercress drenched in balsamic vinegar (healthy?!)

19. My motto comes from the song my Mum used to sing to me, ‘Even though the darkest clouds are in the sky, you mustn’t sigh and you mustn’t cry…spread a little happiness as you go by’.

20. I was very close to my great Aunt Liz – she had an MBE and recently past away at the age of 92 – I miss her being on this earth (she worked for MI5…just kidding…or did she?).