The Scandi home decor vibe is as strong as ever. It’s all about simplicity, with a focus on nature and light. Plenty of neutral earthy tones, calming organic shapes, all the greys and pops of blue (the Scandi favourite accent colour) with a fundamental base of my second favourite colour, cleansing, calming white. Minimalism at its best. My husband would read this and scratch his chin at my enthusiasm for minimalism; I am not the best with clutter… but that’s what cupboards are for right? The Scandi way is to strip back on accessories. I for one feel wonderfully clear minded when my home is de-cluttered, so I do try!


  • Paint like there’s no tomorrow. Give that cream wall a good lick of paint. Embrace a pure white or grey wall. ‘But won’t grey make the room feel cold?’ – it’s not always the case, you just need a ‘warm’ grey. Try Farrow and Ball’s stoney coloured Skimming Stone or the truer grey, Elephant’s Breathe. If it’s furniture you’re wanting to paint go for the celebrated ‘Paris Grey’ by Annie Sloan.
  • Lose the carpet? Now I am a fan of a good carpet to sink my toes into, but the Scandi way is to strip things right back when it comes to flooring, literally. Consider instead a white washed or grey painted wooden floor or an earthy tone light wood. You’re allowed a rug don’t worry – a cosy warm sheepskin perhaps. I personally LOVE the wooden floor look, another way of bringing the outdoors in (see below).
  • Cladding. I seem to comment on any cladding I see, I really love the look. Nothing pleases me more than a cladded wall in a bathroom or a tongue and groove backdrop to a bookshelf. My very favourite way of adding texture to a room (or indeed the exterior of a house).
  • Bring the outside, indoors. There is nothing better than a morning spent basking in the sunshine, with a coffee, outside in the garden. Scandinavians are big on feeling a connection with the great outdoors and love to create outdoor ‘rooms’, often using decking, to wile away the day outside. I’ve lived in small pokey homes in the past where swinging the doors open to the outside seating area adds no end of pleasure to my enjoyment of the house. It’s something I will always consider when moving; is there space to create an outdoor room?


There are many, many I could list here, so here are my top picks:

I have mentioned Nordic House before, a lovely online shop selling beautiful Scandinavian home accessories. Founded by Sandie and Alan in Cornwall, their style is pure Scandinavian inspired sophistication and I am always dipping in and out of their site browsing their products.

Pioneers of the ‘hygge way of life’ they believe that “the importance of your surroundings in terms of quality of life, cannot be underestimated.” They spend a lot of time travelling around Scandinavia sourcing niche companies (often family owned) to try and bring something different. Take a lot!

Image credit: Nordic House via

How could I not mention Neptune – my ultimate destination for home inspo. Whilst not purely Scandi style, they have many pieces that please my interior tastes. One day I will get my Neptune kitchen á la below… (my husband loves to be reminded).

And for some furniture inspiration – The White Lighthouse  – check out their lovely pieces below, lots of white and plenty of organic materials…reasonably priced too. Notice the wall cladding backdrop to every photo…swoon.

Fancy some more inspiration? Take a look at my Nordic Inspiration Pinterest board.

Photo credits: Home on the Blue, The White Lighthouse and Nordic House.



You know Summer is on its way when Anthropologie has a whole host of beautiful new beachy homeware items in store and on the new arrivals section of their website. I am a huge fan of their nautical chic style and love nothing more than an amble around one of their colourful stores. I recently went to the King’s Road store and spent a good hour wandering around. Bliss!

As soon as I stepped into the main home ware section, my husband asked me if I had “deliberately dressed as all the home stuff?!” …no I answered, but he was right, I was wearing navy blue trousers, an electric blue top and scarf and my turquoise Mulberry over shoulder bag. I was an exact colour match to the new Spring/Summer 2017 range. I thought how clever of me and hoped that the camouflage would afford me a few extra minutes walking round the store because he wouldn’t be able to find me in it.

I really loved all the blue washed crockery, especially the irregular shaped shallow and elegant platters (for the ultimate nautical BBQ). There is enough turquoise to satisfy even the greatest of fans (me) and their new fabric prints are up to their usual quirky and brilliant standards; I literally could have taken it all.

While wandering, I noticed another amusing trend. The armchairs and sofas dotted around served a very good purpose…. to seat all the boyfriends/husbands who had been dragged into the store. On realising their visit was not going to be a short one, they had found refuge on said seating. I spotted at least 10 men resting their weary, over-shopped legs and it really amused me.  Thank you Anthrapologie for being so thoughtful, I wasn’t nagged once and enjoyed not having a shadow lurking at every turn (…perhaps that was down to my camouflage gear, but thank you all the same for the man-seating).

Here are my top picks from their Spring/Summer 2017 home range…

Photo credit above gallery: Anthropologie.

Shop online here or find your nearest store here.


I want to share this beautiful row of houses on the Deal seafront. Deal has so much character and all the houses are wonderfully in tune with one another (no one has painted their house neon lime or black to stand out like a sore thumb – I love that expression).

I’ve got a thing for the deep navy blue house in the middle, it is one of my all time favourites. One day I will catch the owners walking in or out, I am intrigued… I bet they are super stylish.

If you’re looking for a break by the seaside, Deal has everything you need; fresh sea air, beautiful homes to oggle at, long coastal walks, FANTASTIC pubs and everyone has a smile on their face (it’s what the salty air does to you…) Definitely worth adding to your places-to-visit list!

Check out what’s available on Air BnB in Deal


I have a new project at home. To make more of my irregular shaped tiny study room that even a hamster would feel claustrophobic in; but the prospect of designing a new room has sent me into a whirlwind of excitement.

The space at the moment is more of a close-the-door dumping ground than anything, but I have decided to make it into what it should be, a working study, with a desk etc where I can sit and work on my website. Anyone would think I have a reclaimed church to play with considering the plans I have for this room, and I have been amused at the inappropriate things I have bought that are piling up in there.

My present list of late has included a desk (my 30’s has seen me embrace the ‘practical’ present) and I have bought a number of items to accompany said desk – all of which would look more at home in the Palace of Versailles than my humble little irregular shaped shoe-box. I think it’s important to surround yourself with items that make you happy, so my study will be filled with things that I love.

Three recent purchases include an over-sized clock that will certainly cover most of one wall, a very large chunky lamp that is not needed because the ceiling boasts six spot lights already (which are just 20 cm apart from one another and wholey OTT) and lastly, a duo of giant recycled glass candle sticks, each the height of a fully grown Labrador. All inappropriate for the room, but all make me happy.

Three things are for sure:

  1. There will be no escaping the time.
  2. I will probably need to wear sunglasses every time I sit in the room.
  3. I won’t have anywhere to put the candlesticks.

I thought my blogging days were over back in 2013; but here I am again! There are so many things that catch my eye that I want to write about, and endless photos on my phone and camera of items and scenes that I’d like to share, so it only seems right to dust off my blog-brain and get back on the WordPress horse, so to speak.