I have a new project at home. To make more of my irregular shaped tiny study room that even a hamster would feel claustrophobic in; but the prospect of designing a new room has sent me into a whirlwind of excitement.

The space at the moment is more of a close-the-door dumping ground than anything, but I have decided to make it into what it should be, a working study, with a desk etc where I can sit and work on my website. Anyone would think I have a reclaimed church to play with considering the plans I have for this room, and I have been amused at the inappropriate things I have bought that are piling up in there.

My present list of late has included a desk (my 30’s has seen me embrace the ‘practical’ present) and I have bought a number of items to accompany said desk – all of which would look more at home in the Palace of Versailles than my humble little irregular shaped shoe-box. I think it’s important to surround yourself with items that make you happy, so my study will be filled with things that I love.

Three recent purchases include an over-sized clock that will certainly cover most of one wall, a very large chunky lamp that is not needed because the ceiling boasts six spot lights already (which are just 20 cm apart from one another and wholey OTT) and lastly, a duo of giant recycled glass candle sticks, each the height of a fully grown Labrador. All inappropriate for the room, but all make me happy.

Three things are for sure:

  1. There will be no escaping the time.
  2. I will probably need to wear sunglasses every time I sit in the room.
  3. I won’t have anywhere to put the candlesticks.